Blake Goss is a worship leader and songwriter living in Acworth, Georgia, with his wife, Emily, and their two children. Since 2007, Blake has served as the Worship Pastor for Freedom Church, a blessing that he does not take lightly. “I am so fortunate that I get to lead worship and write songs for a living,” Blake says.

Goss’s debut album, Love Has Spoken, represents the culmination of over a decade of songwriting and worship. Produced by the award-winning Ed Cash, Love Has Spoken reflects Blake’s innermost feelings of love, celebration, and faith. “I believe the Word of God can change lives, so most of my songs are heavily based in scripture,” he explains. “There’s just something extremely powerful about God’s Word sung to a melody.”

The title of the album comes from the song Chains Are Broken, a beautiful depiction of God’s unending grace and our salvation through Christ. “I grew up feeling like God’s approval was dependent on what I did for Him, and I always fell short. This song is about realizing that Jesus did for us what we could never accomplish ourselves. Love has spoken in our defense.”

This powerful release contains hard-hitting rock riffs, such as the anthemic Rise Up, which calls for the church to lift its voice in praise to God. “It’s a song reminding us that the enemy has been conquered,” says Blake. “Death no longer has victory of over us. That kind of truth has to be sung with a lot of power and energy!”

Then there’s Glorious, a tender yet energetic proclamation of God’s divine love and majesty. “There was nothing that we could have done to achieve our own redemption,” Blake says. “Instead, Love came to us. This song is a celebration of that.”

Now, with the completion of Love Has Spoken, Blake embarks on a new journey: delivering these songs of praise to voices across the world. “This album was made possible through several circumstances that could only be explained by God moving purposefully in my life,” he says. “This is the Lord’s plan for me, and I’m just being faithful to move forward while He leads the way.”